Welcome message from the Department Chair

The Department of Political Science and International Relations at Yıldız Technical University, one of the most distinguished research universities of our country, continues its academic activities since 1999. The Department aims to equip students with a scientific horizon and the ability to think analytically and critically on political and social issues closely related to Turkey and the world. The students, during their education at our department, take courses which enable them to understand different dimensions of political science and international relations. In addition, optional courses, which they can choose according to their areas of interests, enable them to specialize on the basis of their wishes and objectives. Students are further encouraged to specialize on certain topics with the finishing work that they prepare in the course of their last years under the supervision of their advisors. 30% of the training at the Department of Political Science and International Relations is conducted in English. Our students are able to do internships in institutions and organizations connected with the fields they are trained for. In addition, our students can study in European universities, with which we have bilateral agreements, under the Erasmus program, for the duration of 5-10 months. Our graduates find jobs in various sectors and institutions. The main ones are the departments of universities, civil society, research centers and think tanks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TIKA, Foreign Turks and Relative Communities Presidency, other public institutions and ministries, international organizations, private companies’ import-export and international relations departments and media. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akif Okur