PHD Course Plan


Course Requirements

The Ph.D. students are required to take seven courses (21 credits) including two compulsory courses determined by the Department, one Seminar course and one Research Methods and Scientific Ethics course.    


The List of Courses

Required Courses:

SBU6000 PhD Thesis

SBU6187 Seminar

SBU5004 Research Methods and Scientific Ethics

SBU6101 Theories of Power and State

SBU6107 Turkish Foreign Policy Analyses

Elective Courses:

SBU6108 State Formation in Comparative Perspective

SBU6103 Power and Law

SBU6109 Middle East in the Post-Cold War Era

SBU6105 Human Being in the Globalizing World

SBU6104 Theories of Nationalism

SBU6112 Historiography in Turkey

SBU6113 Modern History of the Balkans

SBU6111 Democracy, Nationalism and Minorities

SBU6100 Russia: History, Politics and Society

SBU6102 Restructuring the Middle East

SBU6106 Crisis Management and Coercive Diplomacy in Turkish Foreign Policy

SBU6110 Seminar on Turkish Politics

SBU6114 Turkish-American Relations