MA Course Plan


SBU5103 Theories of International Relations and Theoretical Debates

SBU5115 Comparative Politics and Debates

SBU5004 Research Methods and Scientific Ethics

SBU5001 Seminar

SBU5000 MA Thesis



SBU5107 Public Law

SBU5125 Turkish Political Life

SBU5110 Current Issues in Turkish Political Life

SBU5111 Turkish Foreign Policy

SBU5112 Current Issues in Turkish Foreign Policy

SBU5101 Politics, Political Culture and Social Movements in EU Countries

SBU5105 Cold War in Europe I

SBU5106 Cold War in Europe II

SBU5126 Social and Political Theory

SBU5108 Current Debates on Security Studies

SBU5113 Social Movements and Politics in Turkey (1960-1980)

SBU5114 Media and Politics

SBU5116 Minorities in Turkey

SBU5121 Capitalism and Human Being

SBU5102 Religion and Politics

SBU5117 Turkey and the Middle East

SBU5118 International and Global Organizations

SBU5119 Turkish-Greek Relations

SBU5120 History of Russia

SBU5100 Militarism in Historical and Theoretical Perspective

SBU5109 International Politics

SBU5122 Current Issues in International Law

SBU5124 Politics and Social Change

SBU5123 The Ottoman Past and the Identity Question in the Balkans and Turkey

SBU5104 Asian Politics and Security

SBU5129 Critical Theory and Visual Culture

SBU5128 Civil Society and State in Turkey

SBU5130 American Foreign Policy

SBU5132 Digital Diplomacy