About the Program


The aim of the Ph.D. program in Political Science and International Relations is to train qualified researches and scholars. In accordance with the integrated nature of human and social sciences, the program provides its students with the proper formation to conduct original, critical, and comparative researches on social and political theories, and issues. For this aim, the program offers a wide-ranging curriculum, including courses on Social and Political Theory, Turkish Politics, Global Politics, Comparative Politics, and Area Studies. The courses are conducted in the form of seminars, focused on examining current scholarly debates in relation with their socio-historical context, that require and encourage active participation of the Ph.D. students,.

The Ph.D. program encourages doctoral students to determine their own research topics, based on their own areas of interest and knowledge. By allowing a wide sphere of freedom with regards to academic supervision, courses, research facilities and thesis research, the program allows them to develop their own academic identities.  

Successful graduates of the program acquire the fundamental formation required for academic career, and they also gain the level of expertise required for working as researchers, experts and advisors in national and international environments.