The Political Science and International Relations Department (PSIR), one of three departments in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, was founded in the year 1999, with teaching beginning in 2000. It is an ever-growing department, with almost 30 members of staff and an annual intake of 80 undergraduate students. The department has a thriving undergraduate program that recruits from among the top three to four percent of all high school graduates in Turkey, who are admitted into the program on the basis of their scores in the nationwide university entrance exam. In addition to the undergraduate program, in collaboration with the Institute of Social Sciences, the PSIR department also conducts Master’s and Doctorate programs.

The aim of our department is to produce graduates who are experts in international relations and political sciences, who have a sound knowledge of history, a good understanding of the mechanisms of national and international politics, a solid base of law, a critical reading of social explanations, and a high level of analytical skills. Courses offered cover a range of areas including political theory, political sociology, comparative politics, public administration, international relations, and global affairs.

The program provides a wide range of courses focusing on Turkish politics and the role of Turkey in the international system. The program also allows students to undertake elective courses from other departments located in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Thirty percent of our courses are conducted in English.

The research interests of the faculty are wide ranging and cover a variety of fields, including political theory, public administration, human rights and democracy, minority affairs, Islamist and nationalist movements, globalization, and military affairs, while area specializations include the EU, the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucasus.