News and Events

Orientation Meeting 04.10.2017
Why the Turkish-Russian Federation Relations Deteriorated and Recovered Again? 17.05.2017
National Security Strategy 10.05.2017
Cases of Conflict Resolution in the World 05.05.2017
Leadership Role of Germany in the European Union 04.05.2017
Turkish-Greek Relations: Cyprus and Aegean Issues 02.05.2017
Africa Policies of Rising Powers 26.04.2017
Oil Politics in Azerbaijan Foreign Policy 12.04.2017
Cold War and Post-Cold War Transition in the Ex-Soviet Sphere: The Azerbaijan Experience 05.04.2017
29 March Meeting for "Current Debates on Security Issues" 29.03.2017
22 March Meeting for "Current Debates on Security Issues" 22.03.2017
15 March Meeting for "Current Debates on Security Issues" 15.03.2017
1 March Meeting for "Current Debates on Security Issues" 03.04.2017
15 March Selin NASİ-"Turkish-Israeli Relations under the Influence of the Arab Spring" 03.04.2017
22 March Prof.Dr.Mehmet HASGÜLER-"Reconsidering Cyprus Problem in the New Conjuncture" 03.04.2017
29 March Betül Soysal BOZDOĞAN-"Perception of Turkey in Foreign Press and Media Ethics" 03.04.2017
6-7 October 2015 Institute for Strategic Studies, Research & Analysis (ISSRA) of Pakistan National Defence University 27.06.2016
October 15, Ali Semin (Bilgesam Iraq Specialist), Recent Developments in Iraq and Regional Security 20.10.2014
October 8, Ceren Kenar (Türkiye Newspaper), The New Cadres of AK Party and Their Impact on Foreing Policy 20.10.2014
April 24: Roundtable Lecture by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bekir GÜNAY 02.05.2014